Artist Statement


Reflecting the connection and boundary between reality and illusion, a language of dreams. The surrealist scene hints at contradictions and problems in reality and uses bizarre and intriguing narratives to solve and vent.  These themes attract me intuitively every day, looking for the smallest amount of detail that satisfies the truth of my theme. In the essentialist space of my work, others have the opportunity to experience their own reality. They look surreal, but they are based on reality. All elements are combined with the ultimate purpose of expressing inner poetry in my subjects. 

潘志玮的作品反映了现实与幻想之间的联系和界限,这是一种关于梦,记忆的语言。 超现实主义的场景暗示了现实中的矛盾和问题,并使用离奇而有趣的叙述来解决和发泄。 她表示这些静态的主题和人体形象每天都以直观的方式吸引她,在画面中寻找满足寻找自我主题真实性的细节。 在她的作品中,观看者有机会体验自己的现实。虽然它们看起来超现实,但它们基于现实。 所有元素都与表达内在诗意的最终目的结合在一起。

Original: Shanghai, China
Based in: Portland, Oregon, USA | NYC, USA

B.A: Art Education | East China Normal University 

M.S: Curriculum and Instruction | Portland State University

Member of Oil Painter of America