Upcoming Solo Exhibitions


      2020. Zhiwei Pan Oil Figure Solo Show, Yui Gallery, NYC, US

      2020. Oil Figure Solo Show, T contemporary Museum, Shanghai, China

Solo Exhibitions

      2019. 'With an Orchid' Zhiwei Pan, C Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, US

      2019. 'Chinese Myth' Zhiwei Pan, Nucleus Art Gallery, Portland, OR, US

      2019. 'Landscape' Zhiwei Pan, Art on Broadway, Beaverton, OR, US

      2019. 'Zhiwei Pan', Yui Gallery, NYC, US

Selected Group Exhibitions and Fairs

      2020. Visual Art Open Gallery, London, UK


      2020. Green Point Gallery, NYC, US

      2020. YICCA Internation Art Fair

      2020. OPA Membership Online Art Fair, Oil Painter of America, TX, US


      2020. 'GEO_GRAPHYIES' International Woman Art Exhibition, PrimoPiano Gallery, Lecce, Italy

      2019. 'Way', 3rd Exhibition, Prisma Art Prize, Rome

      2019. Mad Smurf (side) ', Warhol Exhibition, Envision Art, US

      2019. 'With an Orchid', 2nd Exhibition, Prisma Art Prize, Rome

      2019. 'Scoop the Mon', Primary Color Exhibition, Time-Space Art Gallery, US

      2019. 'Mad Smurf', GreenPoint Art Gallery, NYC, US


      2020. World Wide Art