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Zhiwei Pan: Artist Critic by 

Lori Waxman in Chicago 

Chicago, IL


Feb. 22. 2020

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Zhiwei Pan: Artist Interview by Stephanie Rodrigue

Art Woman 2020


Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy. 

March. 7 - March. 21. 2020

This historical International exhibition since 2005. Geo (earth) and Grafia (writing), is the writing of the earth, and through art, a powerful tool at the service of society, the environment, and life – the artists on display, express their point of view on the world and on the relationship with others. The event is divided into two research sessions of which: Identity Rituals and Fragile Ecosystems. Pan Zhi-Wei's multidisciplinary practice is conceptually grounded in contemporary social issues and emotions in Eastern philosophy as a means to inquire into our relationship with the universe. Pan Zhi-Wei: Way is a new body of work inspired by the contemporary social issues around youth and herself lifelong experiences. Pan has created a breathtaking immersive environment for the presentation of both her work and Fragile Identities: Way.

Press Release

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Voyage LA Magazine Interview

Los Angels, CA

Feb. 13. 2020

After leaving your names on so many art competitions, group shows, and international exhibitions. We are curious about Zhiwei Pan's story and future plan. 

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